Eisenhart Diesel’s 6.4L Powerstroke Formula – More Power, More MPG’s, and Longer Engine Life

Four simple modifications for the 2008 - 2010 SuperDuty 6.4L Powerstroke that will pay for themselves.   With the advent of the new 2008 Super Duty Trucks, Ford got rid of the issues the plagued the previous 6.0L PowerStroke version. The 6.4version is an amazing powerplant, and the interior and exterior styling of the truck are both fantastic. Ford redesigned everything to make it a very appealing overall package, though it is plagued with a single giant flaw.Eisenhart Diesel has a simple solution for these that pays for itself.   The stock MPG of this truck is horrible. Many owners are seeing mixed city/highway usage of 11-12 miles per gallon. EPA regulations for emissions required the use of and Exhaust Gas Recirculation system and a Diesel Particulate Filter. The combination of these two systems results in cutting the emissions of the truck by half, and cutting the efficiency of the engine by half as well. In addition the EGR damages many of the systems within the engine that are not designed to have exhaust gas pumped back in through them, ultimately leading to a considerable drop in the life span of critical engine components and systems.   We had a new customer who was complaining about the weekly cost of running his truck. So we set up a simple plan for him to remove these systems, get more power and more efficiency out of his 2008 SuperDuty with the 6.4L Powerstroke.   Programmer – The stock programming of the 2008 – 2010 Super Duty will not allow you to remove these systems, so installing a programmer is a must. Eisenhart Diesel carries a wide variety of the top brands.  Our customer selected the H&S Mini Maxx for its ability to reprogram the truck to work without these systems, but also for its digital gauges which allow for monitoring of 27 different engine parameters. The installation could not be any easier, and only takes about 15 minutes. The systems updates easily over the internet, and includes a mount for easy viewing within the cab of your truck.   DPF Delete –   Exhaust gasses are hot, and getting them out and away from your engine and turbo allows everything to run much cooler and more efficiently.  Most any diesel owner knows this, and the aftermarket provides a large number of mandrel bent free flowing exhaust kits to allow you to get these hot gasses out fast! For this build we selected the Flo-Pro 4” kit for both its great fit and its reasonable pricing.The installation was once again very straight forward, as the new Flo-Pro kit matched up with all of the stock hardware.   EGR Delete –   The most difficult portion of the whole affair is accessing the two EGR’s the vehicle came equipped with. There are some sensitive systems that have to be removed to properly install this system, so it is best to have this performed by a qualified shop. Air Intake – The stock system is restrictive and does not allow the twin turbos to get the amounts of cold air that they need to run at their best. For this build the owner selected an AFE Stage 2 intake. The large free flowing filter makes sure that the 6.4L powerplant has all the clean, cold air it could want,keeping those turbos fed is critical to maximum efficiency… and power! (Who doesn’t love more power?)   Results –   After the swap the owner reported that it felt like a completely different truck. Throttle response was much crisper, and the mixed city/highway driving resulted in 16-17 MPG, with pure highway driving resulting in 21-23 MPG.  The truck went from 340 HP and 570 ft/lbs stock to 545 HP and 1189 ft/lbs running the new tunes.  With the owners daily commuting, the upgrades will end up paying for themselves in less than 6 months with fuel savings, and ultimately save even more with the extended longevity to the critical engine systems which are no longer coming into contact with recycled exhaust gases or the extreme temps that the stock truck generated under the Regeneration process.   Eisenhart Diesel can do this for you too! Stop ruining yourengine’s lifespan and getting gouged at the pump. We have great deals running on all of these upgrades, so call us at 717-479-5223 and see how we can help you.

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