Don’t Forget the Brakes… and our September Special!

Don’t forget the brakes.. It’s one thing to want to go fast but you have to get that rig slowed back down. You can trust Eisenhart Diesel to be sure you have the stopping power you need to keep you and your family safe. Call today for more information. 717-479-5223 Brake Installation at Eisenhart Diesel Because Diesel trucks are so big and heavy, their brake rotors and pads are especially important brake parts. We all use our trucks for both work and play, and whether you are towing, hauling, or sled pulling you need to be able to safely and quickly stop your truck and it’s trailer. It takes tons of force to stop a big diesel trucks. Slowing down or stopping a heavy vehicle requires, among other factors, a lot of friction from the brakes. The friction between the brake pads and the brake rotors generates a lot of heat, too. The extra weight and heat means that the rotors in a large truck are under a lot more stress on stock components, than they would be in a smaller vehicle. There are also gasses that are generated during which cause a loss of brake pressure in a stock truck. Eisenhart Diesel has a solution for you that will both save you money and give you incredible stopping power.  We can upgrade your current trucks stock bake setup with a set of our performance rotors and pads. And Eisenhart Diesel can do this for much less than your dealer will replace your current parts! Our slotted or drilled rotors will slow your vehicle down more quickly, and will quickly dissipate the heat generated by stopping your big truck down. The will also help get rid of dirt and brake dust more effectively than a smooth rotor. We will also install a set of high performance brake pads which are designed to more effectively stand up to the massive heat generated.  This combination will not only stop your truck faster and more safely, but it will last much longer than your stock setup. Eisenhart Diesel is currently running a special on these awesome rotors and pads. Regularly this service would cost $1299, but we are currently able to price it at $999. And if you are a fan of our Facebook page, you can get the September special of $899! Give us a call today at 717-479-5223 to get scheduled for service.

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