The 2nd Annual Redneck Regatta, will be held on August 3rd, 2013 at 11am.

RULES AND REGULATIONS: Contest is open to the public - Age 18 and over. All boats/rafts must be homemade. No commercially made hulls. Inner tube flotation is approved if it supports a raft or boat deck. Must be self-propelled. (poles, sails, oars, paddle wheel, etc) Nails are prohibited below the deck line. Rafts are encouraged to affix Styrofoam for flotation. Aftermarket marine rigging is acceptable. Crew size = minimum 3 to 6 maximum, including Captain. All participants must wear Coast Guard Approved PFD. All boats/rafts must have a 50' tow rope attached to the hull. Sheet metal or raw edges must be taped or rounded. Shoes or wet socks are encouraged. All entries must check in and be inspected prior to launching and will be subject to disqualifications at the discretion of the judges. Crews will race a designated course laid out on a map provided at the captains meeting on the day of the event. All crew members must be on board to finish. Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, as well as awards for "Best Original Design", "Theme", "Uniqueness", and "Best Team Effort". (t-shirts, cheerleaders, costumes, etc...) Contestants release Eisenhart Diesel, LLC. from any claim, demand, or course of action for personal injury, death, property loss, destruction, or theft; and must sign a waiver prior to participating. Participants are responsible for removing boat/raft or parts thereof fom Eisenhart Diesel property after the race. There will be a mandatory Captain's Meeting one hour prior to race time. Team entry fee is $20.00 per crew member per watercraft. Contest entry constitutes release to use contestant's name, photo, and/or voice in broadcast or print material. 2ND ANNUAL REGATTA ENTRY FORM   REGATTA      

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